Your Inner Circle


Many of us are working hard to enhance the quality of our lives. As we strive hard to move forward and become more successful, we realize that some of our conflict and frustration come from allowing people into our “inner circle” that are distractions. No matter how much we invest in ourselves personally, if we surround ourselves with people who do not relate to, support, or understand our journey, we are, in a way, hindering our own growth.

Understand an Inner Circle can be defined as the group of people that you communicate with most. The people that you communicate with on a regular basis have a strong influence on you, and you them.

However, your inner circle is also the group with whom you’ve invested a lot of your own time, energy and knowledge. Having an inner circle is just as much about “giving” as it is about “getting.” We should grow as a result of our inner circle, but we should also seek to grow and add value to the others inside of it.

The first step in defining the criteria for your Inner Circle is that you need a very clear vision of your long-term goals. Where are you going, how will you get there, and who do you need to connect with to make that happen?

Our inner circles can (and should) be so influential in our lives, they require an occasional check-up to determine if they’re still fulfilling the role that we need them to fulfill AND to analyze if we are living up to others’ expectations and needs by giving back to those in our circle. Evaluate!

Please join us as we EXPLORE our Inner Circle!

September 22, 2012

2 – 5 pm

Hampton Inn

800 Mason Street

Vacaville, CA 95687


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