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Rarely do strong, achieved professional women motivational speaker have an equally strong spiritual life, but Belinda Bush does.

She speaks for many faith-based organizations on leadership, marketplace ministry, spiritual growth, women’s issues, and more. She is a sought-after speaker for leadership seminars, women’s conferences, college events, and youth rallies.

While most of her corporate speaking forums do not provide the opportunity to openly discuss her faith, Belinda loves those settings when she can talk about how her walk with God has been at the center of all she has endured and achieved in her life.

Popular topics includes: 

* Divine Intervention 

* Seeking God’s Best

* The Center of God’s Will

* Stay Full of God 



Belinda believes that personal development involves focusing on wholeness in every areas of our lives – Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Each of these represents unique needs in all of us, but with our busy lives and multiple demands, often a balance is difficult to achieve.

In her “Empowered for Success” quarterly seminars, she addresses these areas of life in her inspirational and motivational style, offering simple, yet powerful strategies for doing the things that need to be done without losing sight of the balance we all need.

Her popular leadership seminar and workshop topics include:

* Pillars of Personal Progress

* Dream With Purpose



Belinda is a motivational speaker that leads various corporate workshops and seminars.

Her 20-year career has given her a unique set of skills and insights that relate powerfully to the professionals she addresses every year.

Whether a small intimate team or an audience of thousands, Belinda inspires and motivates each listener, equipping them with a new sense of empowerment and practical tools to help them live the life of their dreams.

Belinda is often asked to share concepts from her popular book, “Lifestyle of Excellence”, which is full of tools and strategies for achieving personal and professional dreams, navigating tough people and situations, finding the right mentors, and enduring through seasons of being unrecognized, unrewarded, and underpaid.

Belinda works closely with each organization to understand their unique goals and tailor her content to their critical success factors. Every group is unique so while Belinda’s core messages are consistent, the framework and structure is uniquely designed for your group.

Popular topics include: 

* Getting Beyond Good Intentions

* Turning Mundane into Meaning


Call or email today for more information about upcoming events or to book Belinda to speak at your next event.

Belinda Bush

P O Box 2122

Fairfield, CA 94533

(707) 631-1929


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